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ReciproCITY #1 Alan W. Moore & Sara Daleiden


Communiqué #1
Start off 2013 with radical art history and practice, and join us for the inaugural event at a new experimental art space in Milwaukee.

Presentations by:

Alan W. Moore, “Art Squats”
Sara Daleiden, “MKE<->LAX”

Wednesday, January 2nd, 7:00pm
ReciproCITY: an experimental art space inside Sweet Water Organics
2151 South Robinson Avenue
Bay View, Milwaukee


Alan W. Moore is an art historian and activist based in Madrid whose work addresses cultural economies and groups and the politics of collectivity. Moore helped to found ABC No Rio after participating in Colab’s Real Estate Show (1979), one of the best-known artist squat actions in New York history. He is the author of Art Gangs: Protest & Counterculture in New York City (2011), which explores the work of artist groups formed after 1968, such as the Art Workers Coalition and Group Material, collectives that greatly informed today’s international art world. He is also the co-editor of the book ABC No Rio Dinero: The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery (1985). Moore earned a PhD in art history from the City University of New York and his writings have appeared in such publications as Julie Ault’s “Alternative Art NY” and Blake Stimson and Gregory Sholette “Collectivism After Modernism.” His upcoming book “Art Squats” focuses on social centers in Europe.

Under the auspices of s(o)ul, Sara Daleiden directs the MKE<->LAX initiative. s(o)ul focuses on culture production and exchange through the creation of social interactions in developing landscapes. With a relationship to the arts, education and advocacy, s(o)ul consults with nonprofit and for-profit entities, as well as cultural workers of many disciplines, from emerging to established levels. With bases in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, the agency offers support for empathetic, structural development of individual, organizational and community identity, embracing various scales of experimentation, connection and production.

More info on ReciproCity at:




A great pic from friends in Switzerland

Roman Gaus
UrbanFarmers AG
CEO & Founder

However, what I am readily confirm and have always said: YOU guys at SWO where my inspiration to get started with my own Aquaponic rooftop farm company in in Switzerland. We are currently launching our first pilot project. See picture of some weeks ago.
I think SWO continues to be recognized as one of the global commercial pioneers in our field. It’s the pioneers that take all the arrows. I am ok with that, and I guess you too.
Looking forward to making further progress.

Día de los Muertos Parade workshops get off to great start


Workshops all throughout October at Sweet Water

Monday,October 1, 5-8PM
Tuesday, October 2, 5-8PM
Thursday, October 4, 5-8PM
Saturday, October 6, 10AM-2PM
Sunday, October 7, 10AM-2PM
Tuesday, October 9, 5-8PM
Thursday, October 11, 5-8PM
Sunday, October 14, 10AM-2PM
Tuesday, October 16, 5-8PM
Thursday, October 18, 5-8PM
Tuesday, October 23, 5-8PM
Thursday, October 25, 5-8PM
Saturday, October 27, 10AM-2PM
This Year’s Día de los Muertos Parade will also feature a Vigil For Peace following the procession.We welcome ALL COMMUNITIES in MILWAUKEE and BEYOND to join us in this traditional way of Honoring someone’s life.

Day of the Dead is the time when we all come together and respectfully honor the ones who have passed into death by remembering them with Photos, Ofrendas or Altars, eating their favorite foods with one another everything we do this day if for our loved ones.

We welcome ALL communities affected by Death and Violence this past 2012 YEAR. There is much work to be done for Peace and Respect in this community. This is ONE Way of making Peace.

Creating a world of equality through Art.

Crear un mundo de igualdad mediante Arte.



Sweet Water & Bay View High School

With a new school year comes more great community interaction.  For the past few years we’ve been working with students at local schools teaching the students about sustainability and giving them hands on experience.  Every Wednesday we work with students from Bay View High School right down the block from us.