Hover Craft at Sweet Water – Saturday December 1st!


    Shop local, support local, drink, eat, and have fun with your neighbors!

    Sweet Water Milwaukee
    2151 S Robinson Ave, Bay View

    $2 Admission, children are free!

    Poster: http://neondanger.blogspot.com/2012/11/blog-post.html

    Local DJ’s
    Free make n’ take craft room adult and children’s crafts
    Free gift wrap
    Free community coupon (first 100)
    Free Wisconsin band sampler (limited supply)

    Free after party! Check out the event:


    Check our blog for a list of vendors.


    A celebration of all things local, Hover Craft is a venue that features a diverse range of creative individuals. Our main purpose is to offer an opportunity for Milwaukee-based artists, crafters, makers and performers to connect with their own community through showcasing and selling to their admirers directly. Additionally we offer ways to incorporate locally owned businesses by offering information to engage the public and encourage buying locally throughout holiday season and after.

    Hover Craft is an annual buy-local event established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2010 by Alyssa Schulte, Cortney Heimerl, Ashley Chapman and Vanessa Andrew as a way to showcase the unique elements of our fair city.

    Vendors range from seasoned artisans to amateur crafters and because of the amount of interest and the limited space, this is a juried event. We carefully choose participants not based on experience, but based on originality, execution and creativity. We are very interested in sourcing creatives from all backgrounds, whether from an established business or hobby crafters. Hover Craft wants to encourage creative people to create. We want to continuously strive to mine the depths of our community to foster a rotation of many individuals and continue to keep this event fresh for our attendants.

    Any questions until then, please email us at hovercraftmke@gmail.com


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