Scooter Foundation

On behalf of The Scooter Foundation I want to inform the community of the
positive and generous support given to us by James Godsil and The Sweet Water
Organics Foundation. I had a dream of turning a vacant lot across the street from
Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary school into an urban garden for the students
and the community. I went to Godsil with this idea and asked for assistance with
the raised beds. Godsil was very excited and happy to help make this dream a
reality. After meeting and planning for several weeks the installation took place
on April 24, 2010. “Scooters Garden of Hope” was built in the pouring rain but
over 75 volunteers and 40 students showed up to help. Godsil and The Sweet
Water Foundation built all of our raised beds and donated all of the compost to
fill the beds. We had no experience or knowledge of how to even begin building
an urban garden the kindness, goodness, and support that was shown to us by
Godsil and The Sweet Water Foundation was overwhelming.

We have enjoyed the garden for three growing seasons and so many students
benefit from this wonderful work. These children would never have the
opportunity to learn how to grow food, herbs, flowers or berry’s if not for the gift
that was given to them with the help of Godsil, community partners, volunteers
and the school.

Susan Schmidt
The Scooter Foundation Founder


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