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Día De Los Muertos Parade this Friday

Día De Los Muertos Parade this Friday

M.A.T.C.’s Latino Student Organization is Dedicating this Ofrenda to Derek Williams.

The parade is this Friday from 5 to 8pm – meet at Walker’s Square Park.


Aquaponics at Rufus King High School



James Godsil and the good people at Sweet Water Organics have been absolutely integral to my high school students’ success in aquaponics.   Over the past 3 years, we have designed, built, and run aquaponics systems each year, harvesting, deconstructing, and redesigning a new system each year.   We have had a lot of success running these systems, have recieved some recognition, and most importantly, the students have learned an incredible amount, from building and engineering skills to farming and culinary skills.   Without Sweet Water’s support and assistance, there is no way we would have been able to accomplish even a small percentage of this.   We use our systems in our classroom daily and are extraordinarily thankful to Sweet Water.

Craig Machut
Environmental Science Teacher
Rufus King High School

Growing Networks

Growing Networks

Sweet Water’s Growing Networks project developed through a collaboration between Sweet Water Foundation, UW-Madison, and Mahattil International LLC. In June, 8 students from UWM were trained by Sweet Water staff and traveled to Kerela, India to partner with students and staff from St. Alberts College to establish an Aquaponics Demonstrations Center.