“A New Deal for the Earth Community”

Welcoming Sweet Water Concepts for Chinese Delegation Visit, Sept. 21, 2012


Welcome to the Sweet Water Milwaukee experiment and thank you for the honor of your visit. It is our great hope that the partnership of our State Department, the Chinese government, the organizations you each represent, and our Sweet Water partners advances aquaponics across the planet. Through the power of the internet we can collaborate in the democratization and globalization of this earth friendly, prolific eco-system approach to food production, eye on the prize of

5 in 5, 20 by 20…

that is, an aquaponics digital training or miniature demonstration in 5% of American and Chinese schools in 5 years, 20% of American and Chinese schools by 2010.

Shajan John is here to share the story of the Growing Networks and Sweet Water collaboration in India, Michael Carriere the story of the Heartland House and Great Lakes Aquaponics R&D Consortium, and Sweet Water staffers Emma Kraco and Scott Romanski the story of the Sweet Water aquaponics farm.

Wisconsin and Milwaukee played important roles incubating the programs that 30 years from their 1900 start were key to a “New Deal for America” during the Great Depression. It is our expectation that Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s Sweet Water and Sweet Soil bio-culture experiments, in collaboration with our partners in China, in India, in all of the great nations of the world, will be key to

A New Deal for Cooperating Nations, a New Deal for the Earth Community of all people and all life forms in this great adventure on our blue green planet Earth.

Let the mighty collaboration begin!


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