Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser at Sweet Water Organics

Milwaukee HYP invites the residents of brew city to take up one of their favorite pastimes for a cause. On Friday October 5th we will host our first community-wide event, Milwaukee HYP Competitive Beer Tasting.Held at the one-of-a-kind Sweet Water Organics in Bay View (2151 S. Robinson Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207), teams will compete for the coveted best beer awards. Here’s how it works:

Upon arrival, guests drop off a six-pack of beer from a microbrewery (the more unique, the better, and no home brews ple

ase!) Five of the beers are wrapped and labeled with a number and one beer is kept back. The wrapped beers are distributed on the tables throughout the event and each guest can sample as many beers as they choose and vote for the top three best and the worst. After the tasting, the guests with the top three ranked beers will receive six-packs made up from all the other teams’ beer and the worst will receive their additional beer back. Additional beer and soda will be available at no cost after the beer tastingAll proceeds from the event will benefit Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. In addition to finding a few new favorite brews, the evening also offers music, light snacks, an art gallery and a chance for a peek at Sweet Water Organics aquaponics. The event will run from 7pm-10pm.

Tickets are available in advance for a $20 donation to Milwaukee’s Habitat for Humanity here:
Advanced ticket sales end Thursday October 4th at 9 pm. After this time tickets can be purchased at the door for $25. The first 40 people who order tickets in advance will receive an official Milwaukee HYP beer tasting glass at the event.

For those who want to continue contributing to Habitat’s mission after the event, HYP invites guests to come along for build day the following day, October 6. Guests can join 30-40 other young professionals at a work site to volunteer and take part in a celebration lunch. Click to sign up on the Events & Volunteering page.http://www.milwaukeehyp.org/hyp-competitive-beer-tasting


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