Organic Certification

Where we are at – we’ve been working diligently over the last year to firm up USDA certification for our farm.  Yes, this should have been done long ago but it wasn’t a priority for our previous staff and our current staff has stayed quite busy between community events, education and the everyday running of the farm, regardless we’ve made progress.  Working with our organic certifying agency we’ve figured out which part of our operations can be certified right away and the ones that we’ll need to work on.  Once we go through our next inspection we should have more news and possibly a target date for a change in our retail packaging.
We’ve always been growing from premium organic seed, sometimes paying double over conventional seed.  We don’t use any non-organic pest or disease control methods (i.e. chemical fertilizers or pesticides) nor would we.  We still have ladybugs and a praying mantis family as farm residents to help control any pests that make their way in.  We will continue to grow good, clean, local produce and fish with or without certification and our products will always be GMO free.


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